Our Journey

Though thy beginning be small; thy latter end shall greatly increase. Job 8:7

The Beginning 

In 1997, our founder, Rodney Sampson, while in medical school tattooed this scripture on his back as a constant reminder of his prophetic and relevant future and purpose.

In 2000, while working on his MBA and working as the Administrator at an Atlanta based mega-church, Sampson innovated the concept for Streamingfaith.com with original co-founders Michael Moore, Louis Schwartz, Ronald Rice and Rory Conaway. Sold in 2010 to Kit Digital, an European based digital media company, Streamingfaith.com undeniably was one of this early century’s most innovative, disruptive and transformational platforms to shift the modern day church into the 21st century and beyond. A concept once laughed upon by small and large pastors alike is now a common platform used to distribute content throughout the planet.

In 2002, Intellectual Currency was born as a full service integrated marketing and business development firm – leveraging Sampson’s ability to create a multi-million dollar business concern from nothing in less than 2 years. On the heels of a Job experience within Haywire Ventures a/k/a Multicast Media Technologies, the former parent company of Streaming Faith, LLC, Sampson embarked upon a new journey to manifest his definitive purpose at the intersection of social innovation, business & faith. His first paying client partner was Viacom as he negotiated a 2 year, six million dollar media deal for Every Increasing Faith Ministries (Dr. Frederick K. C. Price) to broadcast their weekly 1 hour inspirational program on Spike TV.

One day, while working in his Pinnacle corner office, Sampson received a phone call from Mel Gibson’s office. Yea right! That’s what we said. Because of a unknown referral source to this day, Gibson and his marketing producer at ICON Pictures asked Sampson to work on a small budget motion picture entitled The Passion of The Christ. The initial theatrical launch of the movie was so phenomenal, Sampson chose to “set owt” 4,000+ tickets in a collaboration with Radio One Atlanta to feature the film in Southwest Atlanta and was featured on ABC Nightly News with Peter Jennings, BET and thousands of online news properties. Moving forward, Intellect worked with client partners such as Walden Media’s C.S. Lewis epic, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe; Think Film’s, The Untold Story of Emmitt Louis Till; Dr. John Maxwell’s Injoy & Maximum Impact and two African heads of state.

Partial Client List

Since these humble beginnings, Intellect has provided specialized services to corporations, non profits and nations. Services include: coaching & advisory, innovation, business development, marketplace development, integrated marketing (traditional and emerging), business management, international business development, alternative revenue generation, public affairs, transactional advisory and negotiation, United States representation, Africa representation. A past and current partial client partner list include: The Republic of Uganda (His Excellency Yoweri Museveni), Diverse Financial (US), Audible, (US, UK, Germany), The City of Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Twitpay (US), His Excellency Omar Bongo Ondimba (deceased), Former President, The Gabonese Republic (Gabon), Bishop Mike Jocktane, Former Deputy Chief of Staff, Presidential Cabinet of The Gabonese Republic (Gabon and France), Injoy/Maximum Impact (US), Network Intelligence (Israel), Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International (US), Viacom (US), ICON Productions (US), Walden Media (US), TD Jakes Ministries (US), Every Increasing Faith (US), Marketplace Leaders | Os Hillman (US) Twitpay (US), Les Brown Enterprises (US), J.D. Wallace Enterprises (US), Meet The Giants (US), Lisa Nicole Cloud (USA) and Mobile Cause (US). ICE’s clients have generated more than one billion ($1B) in revenue from utilizing its integrated marketing, business development and advisory services.

Current Core Competency

  • Vetted team with 80+ years of combined experience in all aspects of alternative revenue generation and monetization – including innovation, start-ups, strategy, financing, investment management, new media and wealth management
  • We identify core challenges and areas of opportunity for our client partners. We leverage our collective network and relationships to deliver value and unmatched results.
  • Strong US, EU, African and Asian relationships with proven access to high level deal flow, opportunities and on the ground experience

Our Visionary’s Highlights

  • Serial innovator, entrepreneur & investor
  • Co-founded Multicast Media (StreamingFaith.com) in 2000, a live and on-demand streaming platform that laid the foundation for companies like YouTube and ustream.
  • Recognized as a national expert on Crowdfunding (the JOBS ACT)
  • Diversity and Inclusion Advisor at One Three Media (Producer of Shark Tank, The Voice, Survivor & Celebrity Apprentice)
  • Co-Founder of Opportunity (O) Hub, a co-working eco-space and funding accelerator at 200 Peachtree in Downtown Atlanta
  • Sampson’s Intellectual Currency Agency provided high level advisory, integrated marketing and business development for The Bible Series (Mark Burnett Productions), Mel Gibson’s The Passion of The Christ (Icon Pictures); Walden Media’s The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (Disney); and Keith Beauchamp’s The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till (Think Film).
  • Author of four best selling books, including Kingonomics: Twelve Innovative Currencies For Transforming Your Business & Life: Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Consecrated bishop in The International Bishop’s Conference, an affiliate of The Old Holy Catholic Church
  • Mentored by Dr. John C. Maxwell from 2004-2006; Trained more than 32,000 leaders in Namibia, Africa
  • Speaks and advises nations, corporations, universities and churches
  • Advised three African Heads of State
  • Sampson’s definitive purpose is to facilitate the reduction of the wealth gap in America and beyond via innovation, entrepreneurship and investment; and showing others how to do the same

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