@RodneySampson @PaulJudge (@TechSquare) and @MichaelTSterling (@ATLWorkforce) Launch, #CodeStart, Nation’s First Coding & Entrepreneurship Residence Based Workforce Program

TSL AWDA Learn To Code


The Atlanta Workforce Development Agency and TechSquare Labs to launch a 12-month innovative coding and cofounders school, where the curriculum’s focus is coding, career readiness and entrepreneurship.

The pilot program, which is the first of its kind, is designed for underserved youth in Atlanta between the ages of 18 to 24 to learn to code, get a job in the tech industry or to start a high growth company.

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Atlanta Based Coworking Space & Accelerator For Startups, Early Stage Companies and Social Enterprises Launches Georgia’s (and America’s) Largest Equity Based Crowdfunding Campaign.



(Atlanta, GA) // May 1, 2014 // FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

The Opportunity Hub (OHUB), a coworking space located in downtown Atlanta has launched its much anticipated equity capital raise using The State of Georgia’s Invest Georgia Exemption (IGE) intrastate “Crowdfunding” rules on Sparkmarket. The purpose of IGE is to provide Georgia based entrepreneurs with expanded access to much needed capital in order to develop new business ventures, expand existing ones and create more Georgia jobs from Georgia investors – accredited and non-accredited.

POTUS Jobs ActPresident Barack Obama signed the “game changing” Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act into law on April 5th, 2012. In what the President and both sides of Congress called a “game changer”, entrepreneurs, crowdfunding portals and investors knowledgeable of the law have been patiently waiting for the part of the law (Title III) that allows the general public to legally buy stock in startups to be ruled on by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). As the SEC continues its ruling process for companies to raise capital-using equity based crowdfunding, states like Georgia, Kansas, Michigan, Maine and Alabama have passed intrastate equity crowdfunding exemptions to speed up the flow of capital to companies that really need it.

Rodney Sampson, an angel investor, creator of Sharktank’s diversity and inclusion initiatives, author of the best selling book KingonomicsTM and cofounder of Opportunity Hub, calls it the “startup stock market”. As an early national advocate and respected influencer in crowdfunding, Sampson convinced his other cofounders and advisors that now is the time in history to establish equity crowdfunding as a precedence for addressing the access to capital gap by creating and educating a nation of “micro-angels” that use intra-state exemptions and the JOBS Act to invest in startups they believe in and support.

Opportunity Hub will use the monies raised for working capital, to launch its accelerator and expand to a second location. Startups selected to participate in the accelerator must learn how to how to code, be “coachable”, ready to work non-stop and have a scalable business opportunity. The minimum Opportunity Hub has to raise to close the round is $50,000. The maximum it can raise according to its Offering Circular is $600,000. To date, the most capital raised using Georgia’s crowdfunding law is $129,000 by Bohemian Guitars. Opportunity Hub aims to break this existing record by tapping into its growing network of micro-angels, startups and stakeholders.

“In Atlanta and cities throughout the country, startup ecosystems are still emerging and evolving. Most lack collaborative spaces to work. Seed capital is almost non-existent. Finding experienced mentors is challenging and fostering diversity – cultural and industrial – is tough. Opportunity Hub will use Georgia’s intrastate exemption to reverse engineer and create a vibrant ecosystem that will provide our members with great space (shared and private), mentorship, expert knowledge and access to capital”, says Rodney Sampson, one of Opportunity Hub’s Cofounders.

Creating an ecosystem dedicated to industries that integrate technology rather than focus solely on technology is Opportunity Hub’s aim. Another definitive goal is to shape the mindset of its members to understand the Kingonomics philosophy of “investing in an ecosystem in order to withdraw from it.” In a culture where entrepreneurs are encouraged to aggressively pursue OPM (other people’s money) – many times without a team, business model or customers – understanding and embracing this principle is critical to the success of a thriving ecosystem. It must have investors.

“A diverse ecosystem must start with a diverse team and key advisors”, says Earl Coleman, OHUB Cofounder and resident millennial. Other Cofounders include Griffin based technology angel investor, Bradley Kirkland and consumer products investor, Brandon Rickman. Key advisors include Vincent Russo (author of Georgia’s crowdfunding law), KP Reddy (Director, Atlanta Technology Development Center), Jerry Hicks (Founder, Hicks Clark Accounting), Paul Judge (Founder, Tech Square Labs), Benj Miller (Owner, EyeSpeak), Annette McClellan (Founder, Annette McClellan Advisors), Toby Morning (Founder, Citizen Space) and Judy Robinett (Board, Springboard & Illuminate Ventures).

Sampson believes the perfect investors will be co-founders of startups or early stage companies, advisors to startups, angel investors, marketplace leaders & influencers, community and neighborhood organizations, large corporations and suppliers engaged in innovation, ecosystem service providers, entrepreneurial enthusiasts, aspiring entrepreneurs, business professionals, MBA’s and college students interested in entrepreneurship and investment. In addition to stock in Opportunity Hub, investors will also receive perks such as free co-working membership, discount on private offices and space rental for meet-ups or events and access to office hours, classes and curated panels with mentors.

Only Georgia residents can buy shares. Would be investors that exist outside of the state of Georgia aren’t completely out of luck. Perks and rewards will be offered for out of state supporters. There are always future rounds as well as Opportunity Hub continues to expand its footprint throughout the United States and abroad. Markets that have expressed interest in Opportunity Hubs include Chattanooga, The District of Columbia, Baltimore, Detroit, Charlotte, Austin and Columbus.

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Inspired by @Kingonomics, Opportunity Hub Opens Co-Working Space & Accelerator In Downtown Atlanta In Historic Two Hundred Peachtree Property.

OHUB 200 Peachtree
Dr. Rodney Sampson, prominent native Atlanta son, announces his investment in the historic 200 Peachtree where he has transformed the former business lounge into his latest start-up, Opportunity Hub.

Opportunity Hub is a collaborative co-working space, expert knowledge repository and funding accelerator located on the second floor of the historic 200 Peachtree event space in downtown Atlanta at the corner of Peachtree and Ellis Streets. Opportunity Hub, the nation’s first and largest minority owned co-working space, aims to be the definitive intersection of innovation, culture and capital.

“Start-ups—as well as other entrepreneurial companies–can access the nearly ten thousand square feet in co-working space, complimentary wi-fi and signature networking events starting at $100 per month. Additional amenities such as dedicated work desks, a prestigious downtown Atlanta mailing address, unlimited garage parking and office support, can be purchased for additional nominal monthly fees. We’re planning over 200 learning based events for 2014,” says Sampson.

As an “collaborative” and diverse space, Opportunity Hub encourages its members to vet and utilize each other’s respective services as much as possible. It is dedicated to attracting and building scalable startups focused on developing consumer products, consumer web, technology (of course) and film/TV, particularly since blockbuster production companies are renting the basement of the building to film movies such as The Hunger Games and Vampire Diaries.

Sharktank Alumni, Southern Culture, will anchor the space’s new food incubator slated to launch in late April by opening a cafe, catering and delivery service. The idea is to pipeline more good products through the retail and consumer channels created by Southern Culture.
“We are excited about this Joint Venture with Dr. Rodney Sampson to bring the fist Opportunity Hub to 200 Peachtree; and equally excited that Rodney has joined 200 Peachtree as a minority partner and stake-holder. His Atlanta roots and perspective on creating diverse and inclusive companies and initiatives benefit our entire organization. Collectively, we are excited to collaborate with Opportunity Hub to compliment Atlanta’s startup and investment culture and create jobs that bring value to the region,” says Robert Galanti, lead investor in Davidson’s Downtown, the holding company of 200 Peachtree.

Opportunity Hub has some exciting launches planned for for 2014 including its #500founders equity based crowdfunding campaign, opportunity.ACCELERATOR, opportunity.VENTURES and opportunity.HOUSING.

To learn more, visit and join our conversation, @OHUB200.

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Mark Burnett (Executive Producer of The Voice, Survivor, Celebrity Apprentice, Sharktank, The Bible Series) and his wife, Roma Downey (Executive Producer, The Bible Series; Actress “Monica”, Touched By An Angel) visit with Dr. Rodney Sampson (Angel Investor; Founder, Opportunity Hub; Author, Kingonomics; Former Executive In Charge of Diversity, One Three Media / Mark Burnett Productions) and his wife at their Opportunity Hub, a coworking space, knowledge hub and accelerator located in Atlanta, GA. The Hollywood couple stopped in to hold an interactive conversation and to network with 50 influencers, angel investors and mentors regarding the upcoming theatrical release of “Son of God”.