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Although black Americans have a combined spending power of over one trillion dollars per year, the average net-worth of a black American family is less than five thousand dollars. Contrast this with our white ($110K+), Asian ($76K+) and Hispanic ($7.6K+) brothers and sisters, it is clear that closing the wealth gap should be our #1 priority as a community.


There are only a few ways to build wealth in America for your family and community. Inherit it. Start a business, grow it and sell it. Become an investor in businesses that can scale and be sold.

Note: We are not simply talking about going to college and getting a good job so you can obtain mostly non-appreciating assets and live above your means. More on this later.


Although starting a business is the most viable and probable path to creating wealth, it takes capital and mentorship to start and sustain a business. Currently, less than one percent of all private equity and venture capital is invested in black owned startups. To this end, most of these under capitalized startups will fail.


We must become the investors in these startups. We must be the mentors. We must be the advocates. We must become the Angels. Welcome to the #blackangels #billiondollarchallenge


Conversation. We’re having the #blackangels (@blackinvestors) conversation across the country. It is precedent in our talks and discussions, whether it be @SXSW @BlackEnterprise or @Whitehouse.

Cohorts. There is smart money and dumb money. No experienced entrepreneur ever desires to take dumb money. Therefore, aspiring angels must be taught what to expect, how to invest and how to get involved in viable deal flow.

Investing. Once a new angel decided that they are ready to invest, they must have access to viable deal flow. We aim to provide access to viable deal flow via our opportunity.ecosystem. This may include direct investment, investment into an accelerator, angel group or venture fund; or online via Federal or intrastate based crowdfunding.


Mentorship is the key. #BlackAngels has assembled a short-list of seasoned angel investors, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs to provide mentorship to our angels. They include Paul Judge, Troy Carter, Judy Robinett, Mike Ross, Valerie Mosley, Natalia Oberti Nuguera, and Rodney Sampson.



  1. Who would I contact first? We are starting a company and I am looking for angel investors currently. I am located in Pittsburg, Ca. My email is listed I just subscribed to follow Mr. Sampson. Thank You

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