Intellect Inspire

“We are selecting 1,000 authors and inspirational content providers to produce their audio books and top 100 messages. Begin the process below.” – Bishop @RodneySampson


Intellect Inspire, a Living Legacy Systems Corporation is a strategic partner of Audible, Inc. and serves as its exclusive publisher for inspirational, aspirational and motivational based audio content.  Audible (NasdaqNM: ADBL) is the leader in spoken audio information and entertainment on the Internet. Content from Audible is downloaded and played back on personal computers, CDs, or Audible Ready(R) computer-based mobile devices. Audible has more than 90,000 hours of audio programs from 293 content partners that include leading audio book publishers, public speakers, broadcasters, entertainers, magazine and newspaper publishers, and business information providers. is the Apple iTunes Music Store’s preeminent provider of spoken-word products for downloading or streaming via the Web. Among the Company’s key business relationships are, Apple Corp., Dell, Hewlett-Packard Company, Microsoft Corporation, Palm Inc., XM Satellite Radio, PhatNoise Inc., Creative Labs, Texas Instruments Inc., and VoiceAge Corporation.

Intellect Inspire is chaired by Rodney S. Sampson.  Sampson is a vetted and proven innovator, business developer, integrated marketer and financier in new media, digital, technology and wireless arenas.


Intellect Inspire is offering select quality content providers the opportunity to distribute their spoken word messages and audio books across Audible, and iTunes.  Intellect Inspire will pay the owners of the content a publishing royalty of fifty (50%) percent of net revenue received from its distributors.  There is a one-time distribution activation fee of $10,000*. On a case by case basis, Intellect Inspire will produce and publish a content providers audio book[s]. Under this scenario, the author receives a publishing royalty of twenty-five (25%) percent of net revenue generated.

*Note:  The activation fee is modified, negotiated or eliminated on a case-by-case basis and is dependent on the content provider’s potential royalty generation, commitment to timely execution and value added marketing and promotion across its respective audience and network.


The process is simple and we plan to keep it that way.

  1. All proposed content providers and authors download, complete and submit the Intellect Inspire Assessment Form.
  2. The content provider downloads, reads and signs the Intellect Inspire Publishing and Distribution Agreement w fees negotiated and submits the agreed upon activation or production fee [if any].
  3. The content provider identifies and submits at least 100 works [messages] that it desires to distribute. This includes (a) a high quality and finished audio copy of the work (individual or series) on CD, USB or via FTP upload, (b) a corresponding artwork image (JPEG) of the work or author and (c) completed info meta-data spreadsheet for the content which includes copyright info, length of work, description or work and genre classifications.  We deserve the right to approve and deny all content distributed. The files that we see most often are MP3 files encoded at 192 kpbs or greater. The average length of a work is 45 minutes.
  4. The content is processed for delivery to our distribution partners within 60-90 days.  The content is made available on Audible’s worldwide sites,, iTunes and other sites and platforms that distribute digital audio works.
  5. Whenever someone buys your content, you generate royalties.  Our distributors pay Intellect Inspire royalties every 90 days.  We pay you within 30 business days of receipt of funds from our distributors.
To move forward and engage the culture of mainstream new media, contact us here.

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