Google for Entrepreneurs launches in Atlanta, partners with TechSquare Labs

TSL Mayor Reed GFE
(l. to. r. Brock Kolls, Chief Open Innovation Officer, TechSquare Labs; Rodney Sampson, Partner, Diversity & Inclusion, TechSquare Labs; Paul Judge, Cofounder, TechSquare Labs; Mayor Kasim Reed, City of Atlanta; Bridget Beam, Head, Global Partnerships & Google Campuses, Google for Entrepreneurs; Allen Nance, Cofounder, TechSquare Labs; Cassius Butts, Regional Administrator, Small Business Administration)

Google for Entrepreneurs, a global initiative aimed at company building, is coming to Atlanta in partnership with TechSquare Labs.

Founded by Paul Judge and Allen Nance, TechSquare Labs works with corporate clients who may have a spin-off idea, but need help to validate it and build a startup team around it. The $7 million center, which has a strong diversity focus, specializes in financial technology, logistics, information security and health tech.

Google Capital is an investor in Pindrop Security, a cybersecurity startup backed by Judge, who is also the company’s chairman. Google Ventures, meanwhile, is an investor in Ionic Security, another Judge-backed Atlanta tech company.

Sampson is a Partner and Head of Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives, TechSquare Labs.

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